All seas coverage via Eutelsat and OneWeb coming soon.

End-user web portal with all needed information.

Flexible and no commitment (3 months minimum).

Upgrade for a month or a week and downgrade after.

CONTACT US for more information:
- +33 4 89 73 01 32 or

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    MIR, CIR MIR 1024/512kbps, CIR 256/128kbps or MIR 2048/1024kbps, CIR 512/256kbps or MIR 3072/1024kbps, CIR 768/256kbps or MIR 4096/1024kbps, CIR 1024/256kbps or MIR 6144/1536kbps, CIR 1536/384kbps or MIR 8192/2048kbps, CIR 2048/512kbps