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Connectivity, in other word Internet, is not simple on board a boat especially a yacht.

Why ? Because the demand for fast and reliable internet needs to reach very high expectations.

Today with streaming applications such as music, Spotify needs 5Mbps to work properly, or movies, Netflix needs 3 to 5Mbps connection, plus the guests devices, the crew, the technical appliances ; the demand on an average needs to be around 50Mbps per connection.

The volume of data downloaded per month can easily reach 3TB in high season.

The answer is to combine, hybrid connectivity, such as 5G SIM cards to take benefit of the speed, 2 to 4 or even 6 x 5G modems and a VSAT with a minimum of 4Mbps as a back-up.

Multiwan connectivity is basic on board vessels and so the network implemented, the so called LAN (Local Area Network) needs a lot of attention.

It is not worth having a Ferrari body and a 2CV engine.

We provide Peplink modems as well as LAN equipments (router, switch, access points, ...)

as a maritime certified partner.

We also provide Intellian satellite VSAT and TVRO antennas as we can integrate them in the network

and be able to remotely operate them all.

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