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  • A One-Stop-Shop: One contact for all your communications, one phone number to remember + 33 489 730 132, one contract and one monthly invoice to manage.
  • An Online Catalogue: for all our services with transparent pricing on our web.
  • A Client Portal: with all necessary information at your fingertips (contract, invoice, …).
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TELECOM and TV services for SMART YACHTS

A yacht is a place to live where people can expect the same quality of services and comfort in communications as at home or in the office. This is SeaSatCom’s commitment. Our mission is to make top-quality mobile communications accessible in all seas and oceans across the globe. 

The client is therefore at the heart of SeaSatCom’s concerns. Every day, a team of 10 bilingual colleagues provides expertise consolidated by a knowledge of new technologies in order to make life simpler for clients and keep them satisfied. 

SeaSatCom is an innovative company and is the first to offer specific airtime packages, an online catalogue showing prices, a single invoice covering all services and a customer portal for optimum service and greater simplicity. 

A real one-stop-shop combining the latest technological innovations, ultra-performing service and the best products so that you are sure to find the best solution which corresponds to your requirements at the right price. 

Over the years, SeaSatCom has become one of the Riviera’s  leaders in maritime communications and around 150 yachts today show their trust in us. Created in 2005 by Antoine Perry (over 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, director at Monaco Telecom), SeaSatCom received the prestigious “Technology Fast 50” prize in 2012, awarded by Deloitte for exceptional performance.

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Why choose us?

PREMIUM provider who ease your life on board

For almost 10 years, SeaSatCom has been providing PREMIUM INTERNET, TELEPHONE and TV services for YACHTS. Our development is based on the quality of services and products; our partners include only the best equipment suppliers such as Sailor and SeaTel.

Approximately 150 yachts today place their trust in us and major yacht managers turn to us for advice and refits. With a combination of proximity and reliability, SeaSatCom has become one of the leaders in marine telecommunication on the Riviera.

With offices in Sophia Antipolis, the Côte d'Azur's hi-tech centre, and a team of 10 bilingual staff, SeaSatCom manages fleet communications with one priority: client satisfaction. Every effort is made to simplify life and satisfy the client.

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