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  • One-Stop-Shop: One contact for all your communications, only one phone number to remember + 33 489 730 132, and one monthly invoice to manage.
  • Online Services Catalogue: all your needs suited with our premium offer and transparent pricing.
  • Client Portal with all necessary information at your fingertips (contract, invoice).

We deliver the value you deserve:

  • We ease your daily operations and manage all your communication on board..
  • We are expert in maritime communication using satellite or cellular technologies.
  • We advise, helping you to choose the solution that fits your needs.
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Make YOUR LIFE on board EASIER

PREMIUM PROVIDER for Yacht Satellite or Cellular Communications

- You require a reliable and efficient connection for your business: 
We provide uninterrupted access to internet at sea, high-bandwidth with reliable satellite broadband providers: VSAT, 4G, Wifi and SatCom.

- You want to watch your favorite TV show without interruption and everywhere: We have carefully selected various satellite tv packages for their high performance and global coverage, such as Sky UK, Russian TV, Canal Satellite, Sky Italia and Arabic TV.

- You need to stay in close contact with your partners and business team: We deliver a tailored communication solution over various satellite communication system: VSAT, Iridium, Inmarsat and GSM.

Owners, crew and guests can expect the same quality of services and comfort in communications as at home or office. SeaSatCom is committed to responding quickly and effectively to their needs. 

Therefore, SeaSatCom has partnered with leading satellite operators to give you the reassurance that you will be able to keep a constant access at sea with your business, friends and family whenever and wherever you are.


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Why choose us?

SPECIFIC AIRTIME PACKAGES for Internet, mobile and TV at Sea

SeaSatCom is an innovative company in Yacht Satellite Communication and Services: Internet access on yachts, onboard TV and onboard GSM. It is the first company to offer specific airtime packages, an online catalogue showing our prices, a single invoice covering all services and a customer portal for optimum service and greater simplicity.

Approximately 150 yachts today place their trust in us and major yacht managers turn to us for advice and refits. With a combination of proximity and reliability, SeaSatCom has become in 10 years one of the leaders in marine communication in the world.

With offices in Sophia Antipolis, the French Riviera’s high-tech centre, and a team of 10 bilingual staff, SeaSatCom manages fleet communications with one priority: client satisfaction. Every effort is made to simplify life and satisfy the client.

Our purpose is to provide excellence in mobile communications at sea and in all oceans around the world.

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