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Mobile phone offers the most common and efficient voice communication solution. The coverage is limited along the coasts because it depends on local operators in each country and inland antenna.

We offer several GSM mobile phone plan with unlimited calls, SMS and comfortable data plan, depending on the coverage (France, Monaco, European zone, World zone).

You need to stay in close contact with your partners and business team?

We deliver a tailored mobile communication solution giving you the choice between 12 and 24 months’ subscription, with more volume and at a fair price, for a bigger flexibility.

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Telephone on board

Smartphone Europe

Vodafone network

Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS and 20GB from and to Europe

Starting from
65 €/month

Smartphone Premium

Vodafone network

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Unlimited data in France and 50GB from and to Europe and North America

Starting from
80 €/month

Smartphone Intense Travel

Orange network

Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS and 200GB in Europe and USA/Canada

10H calls and 5Gb in Business zone

Starting from
156 €/month

Huge discounts with 24-month plan

Get the brand-new Apple or Samsung smartphone at a cheaper price with our 24-month or 12-month subscription plan. We also have a range of smartphones dedicated to yachting: highly resistant, waterproof, dust-proof and with quality camera or enough storage space.


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VoIP (VSAT Technology)

Using VSAT Technology, VoIP (Voice over IP) allows you to call using the Internet connection instead of the telephone line. You can make or take phone calls everywhere as you are using the global coverage of the satellite.



Used mainly for safety purposes (GMDSS distress, emergency calls), L-Band network is the most reliable network you can find. It provides a global coverage, including the poles thanks to Iridium network. Those services mainly include voice and sometimes data, but at a very low connection speed and high costs.

Good to know: Roaming

Despite 2017 European Law regarding roaming, you need to know there’s still rules and restrictions. Your national subscription can be used in Europe, but only with a “reasonable usage” and whithin the envelop included in your subscription. Extra-charge in roaming outside this envelop are defined by the operator.