L’ALBATROS MY : Fast & reliable Network

Updated: Sep 5

Captain was not happy with the slowness and unstable internet on the vessel.

They also need to have 4G Lte service when traveling across the Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea.

Two MAX BR1 LTE gateways have been installed on board L’ALBATROS MY in combination with two high gain omnidirectional cellular antennas.

Each of the two MAX BR1 LTE has 2 x SIM cards providing full LTE coverage in the Mediterranean and Carribean sea.

7 x Pepwave AP One AC Mini have been installed throughout the vessel for a fast and strong Wi-Fi.

A Balance 580 has been installed to manage the AP One AC Mini and to provide report usage.

Benefits are :

Seamless LTE connectivity in the Mediterranean and Carribean sea.

Dedicated internet for guests.

Fast and strong Wi-Fi throughout the vessel.

Insightful Wi-Fi usage report.

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