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L’ALBATROS MY : Fast & reliable Network

Captain was not happy with the slowness and unstable internet on the vessel. They also need to have 4G Lte service when traveling across the Mediterranean and Caribbean sea. Two MAX BR1 LTE gateways have been  installed on board L’ALBATROS  MY in combination with two high gain omnidirectional cellular antennas. […]

TOGETHER SY : Internet Connectivity 5 SeaSatCom

TOGETHER SY : Internet Connectivity

Owner was requiring a strong internet connectivity in order to continue working while on board. As a sailing wessel, the choice was to install the 4G antennas and the modem on the 1st spreader avoiding signal loss, So the HD1 Dome became obvious together with a PoE switch and AP […]


SeaSatCom Success Story: ENIGMA XK

Through a long and reliable partner relationship with the end customer, SeaSatCom proposed to meet the client expectations using a Peplink infrastructure on board ENIGMA XK (72m Expedition Yacht on Antarctic). Challenge The IT infrastructure onboard the yacht was a stack of routers and L3/L2 switches due to multi installations […]

The first Mediterranean Unlimited Internet

Your season free of mind with the first Mediterranean Unlimited Internet. You want to enjoy internet on board like at home, but you don’t know how much giga you’ll need.  It’ll depend on the weather, your and your guests use and also on the needs of the crew. That’s why […]

Create your perfect offer ! 9 SeaSatCom

Create your perfect offer !

Because you don’t have the same needs, we have created for you a customized package! With FULL INTERNET EU you can choose: The number of giga: 100, 200, 600 GB, more ? The commitment from 3 to 12 months. Initially on Orange, the sim card automatically connects at the best […]

After a year, what happened with the « end of roaming »? 10 SeaSatCom

After a year, what happened with the « end of roaming »?

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the end of roaming in Europe (European Union). First false idea: “there is no more fees in Europe”. There will be no more roaming charges, meaning no more additional charges when you call from an EU* country. Communications will be at the same […]

Preparing 2018 yachting season

Here’s a selection of your best sellers offers and adequate equipment 2017 to help you prepare the upcoming yachting season.   VSAT We are official resellers of the top two VSAT providers, Marlink and Panasonic. Benefit from: Ku, HTS or Ka Band; Up to 6Mbps and more; Reliable and flexible […]

Enigma XK2

Fleet Xpress is here!

ENIGMA XK MY is often cruising in the iced seas of the poles. Its Captain and Owners wanted to be able to stay connected even there, that’s why they asked SeaSatCom the best option for them. And this was the Fleet Xpress service. learn more This service, provided by Intellian […]