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VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology allows you to have unlimited Internet along the coast and at sea, with Atlantic and Pacific crossings included. VSAT technology uses multiple satellite connection to bring Internet on board, and to avoid signal blockage from the mast, other yachts, rocks or buildings. It has multiple frequency: Ka Band, Ku band and C band, which determines bandwidth, reliability and coverage. With some specific service, you can benefit from HTS (High Speed Throughput) which provide you with up to 30 Mbps for a very high-speed connection on-board.

A complex choice

Decide what level of service you need can be hard and confusing, this is why our team of experts in maritime technology is here to guide you by asking three simple questions:

  • What do you do when you’re online?
  • Where do you sail?
  • What do you already have on-board?

Those three answers will tell you the level of service and the coverage that would perfectly fit your needs, and satisfy crew, guests and owner.

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Quality materials and services

VSAT requires a VSAT antenna and below deck equipment such as an ACU (Antenna Controller Unit), a modem and a PC controller. As unique official reseller of Intellian on the French Riviera, we can provide you with the top-quality equipment your yacht needs.

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