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4G Internet is the most common access to internet. It provides the highest connection speed on board, coming through inland telecom antennas. Even if it’s limited to berth and along coastlines, up to 6nm, it has been demonstrated that yachts mostly sail close to the shore. The coverage and the quality of the connection depend on local operator in each country or region. With the end of roaming effective in 2017, you need to know that you still can have additional charges in Europe. Now operators offer European subscription which include specific list of countries.

A competitive offer

We offer multiple subscriptions depending on where you want to sail: France & Monaco, Mediterranean coverage or Caribbean coverage. You can also choose your favourite network from our team of partners: Vodafone, Monaco Telecom or Orange.

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European Union


Speed reduction over the bundle

100 or 200 GB EU

Starting from
99 €/month

True Europe


Wide Europe

(Incl. Montenegro and Turkey)

50 GB


Quality materials and services

4G and 4G+ require a router, a switch and some access point according to previous installation or boat size. As SeaSatCom is official reseller for Peplink, we can advise you on the best equipment you require and help you build a functioning and efficient network on-board.

peplink - pepwave Max BR1
peplink - pepwave HD2 front