Fleet Xpress 1 SeaSatCom

Fleet Xpress

Combining VSAT and L-band, Fleet Xpress service offers the best world coverage. Provided by Inmarsat and Intellian, it allows you to switch between Ka Band and your FleetBroadband (FB500 recommended) to always stay connected, even in remote areas.

Rental equipment

Instead of doing a huge payment upfront, all the equipment (antenna and BDE) is on leasing for 36-month, as the Internet subscription.

Major benefits:

  • Controlled costs,
  • Continuous connectivity,
  • Guaranteed performance,
  • Easy to use service,
  • Remote assistance available.

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Fleet Media

Fleet media is an additional service you can add to your Fleet Xpress. This option allows you to watch all the blockbusters from major studios worldwide, with a database of 150 movies on-demand. You can also select from 8 different languages for subtitles and the content is refreshed monthly.

Fleet Media