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You require a reliable and efficient Internet connection for your yacht?

VSAT technology uses satellite connection through an antenna to give you an Internet access along the coast and at sea alongside with Atlantic and Pacific crossings. SeaSatCom provides uninterrupted access to internet thanks to a high bandwidth with VSAT, 4G, Wi-fi and Inmarsat or Iridium technology. Asks the right questions:

  • What do you do when you’re online?
  • Where do you sail?
  • What do you already have on-board?

We will give you the best answer!

Internet VSAT


Unlimited Internet at sea


Internet mobile

Mobile Internet

4G+ along the coast


Internet Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress

Combining VSAT and L-Band


SD Wan


SD WAN, or bandwidth aggregation, is a technology that uses multiple connections (DSL, cellular, satellite) at the same time and presents its connection to users as a unique direct Internet access. SD WAN is capable of monitoring WAN quality and uses the results to make smart decisions on traffic flow.

It requires a router and a cloud infrastructure, according to previous installation.

Internet SATCOM


Used mainly for safety purposes (GMDSS distress, emergency calls), L-Band network is the most reliable network you can find. It provides a global coverage, including the poles thanks to Iridium network. Those services mainly include voice and sometimes data, but at a very low connection speed and high costs. In daily life, they are used for emails, checking weather forecast and other small actions. They are a good back-up connection, for a VSAT service for example.

Be aware that a SATCOM connection can be mandatory for charter yachts depending on their size and sailing zone.

WiFi du port

Wi-Fi port

Wi-fi connection from the port you’re berthed in is sometimes the easiest solution. In some cases, the wi-fi connection isn’t reliable: a lot of ships are connected and you’re sharing the connection speed. If you just need a little boost, you can receive and amplify Wi-fi from the port thanks to a simple device. This solution isn’t recommended if you require a fast and reliable Internet connection, we encourage you to select a Mobile Internet service.

Users management

Thanks to our Network and IT experts, we can offer you some solutions to identify bandwidth greedy devices or users and place restrisctions if needed. You can also assess moments and elements (downloads, videos, photos) requiring a high bandwidth to make proper adjustements.