After a year, what happened with the « end of roaming »?

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the end of roaming in Europe (European Union).

First false idea: “there is no more fees in Europe”.

There will be no more roaming charges, meaning no more additional charges when you call from an EU* country. Communications will be at the same price, whether you are at home or in one of the EU* country.

Second false idea: “my subscription is European”.

You think your subscription with unlimited calls and 10GB in your country is now a subscription with unlimited calls and 10GB in EU*? No, it’s. Your national subscription allows you to call and send SMS in UE* within a « fair usage », the data being more complex.

3 limits exist to the end of borders in Europe. Don’t believe in Santa Claus! The legislation has been designed for a consumer travelling casually in EU*, and provides:

  • a conversion scale in call duration or in data volume outside your native country and inside the EU*, depending on your national subscription;
  • a « fair usage » designed by each operator and not by the legislator;
  • a usage limit of 4 month maximum per year.

Here at SeaSatCom, we try to make this « fair usage » easier. It’s defined by, over a 4months period, the consumption of Voice, SMS, MMS and Data from UE being inferior from the same usage form your National Subscription and abroad (EU excluded) ; and the number of days of presence in the EU* is inferior to the number of days spend in your National Country’s subscription and abroad (EU excluded).

Be careful to the coverage offered by your national subscription and what means European Union for you operator: check the list of countries included and control which network you’re connected to during your travels to avoid any bad surprise.

European Union
European Union

What about the data?

The first offers on the market are limited, and above subscription, calls and data are charged on the interconnection price set by Bruxelles. This means that operators charge each other the maximum amount. It has been fixed at 6€ per GB in 2018 but will decrease at 2.5€ in 2022.

The price of the minute in Europe will be the same as in the native country, but it’s different for the data.

An envelope based on your national subscription is allocated to you. It is calculated on the amount of data within your national subscription divided by roaming charges, and the total amount multiplied by two. Above this envelope, it’s considered as outside allowance et you will have to pay some fees.

Two billing steps appear: your European consumption deduced from your national subscription in the frame of your dedicated envelope, then an outside allowance at 6€ per GB.

*EU : European Union

But unlimited European subscription will soon be here with SeaSatCom!

Here’s our subscriptions not submitted to the « fair usage »:

FAST INTERNET EU – Mc – 20GB, 60GB or 100GB starting from 82€/month.

Via Monaco Telecom

FULL INTERNET EU – 50GB, 100GB, 200GB ou 400GB starting from 235€/month.

Via Orange

Download our datasheet for more information.

We also have a charter dedicated offer with 500GB or 1TB for 3-month or 6-month prepaid. Ask us for more information.

And soon, we will be able to offer you unlimited data in France with lots of GB in Europe, so stay in touch: facebook seasatcom LinkedIn seasatcom