Fleet Xpress is here!

ENIGMA XK MY is often cruising in the iced seas of the poles. Its Captain and Owners wanted to be able to stay connected even there, that’s why they asked SeaSatCom the best option for them. And this was the Fleet Xpress service.

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Enigma XK2

This service, provided by Intellian and Inmarsat, allows you to switch between Ka Band and your FleetBroadband to always stay connected, even in remote areas. And instead of doing a huge upfront payment, all equipment (antenna, BDE) is on leasing for 36-month.

Discover all its benefits:

  • Continuous connectivity: you can rely on a dual satellite constellation using Ka-band with unlimited L-band back-up, ensuring seamless global mobility;
  • Controlled costs: we offer a wide selection of flexible subscriptions and only one invoice;
  • Fully managed support: even if it’s a plug-and-play service, you benefit from monitoring and support from our Support Team;
  • VSAT expertise: SeaSatCom has been for more than 12 years an expert in Internet and telecommunications dedicated to yachts.

So do as ENIGMA XK MY, and travel the world form pole to pole while staying connected anywhere, anytime.