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As a Peplink Gold Partner, we supply and install the equipment (modems) to receive 4/5G on board. We also optimize your local network to ensure optimal wifi coverage on board. Each boat and each client being specific, we offer, create and install tailor-made solutions according to your objectives and expectations. Our support offers you serenity and security.​

We also provide the 4/5G subscriptions that best meet your needs, depending on your browsing areas, your seasonality, and the volume of GB you consume. We choose the best providers to offer you a wide choice and a quality connection wherever you are.


For subscriptions, you can choose between a local operator in Europe or a multi-network SIM card to always be connected to the best network with unlimited monthly GB

As a Peplink Expert, we offer you an equipment solution corresponding to your uses and needs and according to the architecture of the ship.
We deliver a fully configured and operational configuration and assist you with the activation of services

12-month or 6-month seasonal subscriptions, pay as you go, prepaid, blocked or unlimited in regulatory Europe or the Caribbean

SeaSatCare is a SeaSatCom service that allows remote assistance and monitoring for your peace of mind and to be always connected wherever you are. We can take control of your equipment remotely to help you out. Thus, you remain free for your activities on board